I Can’t Believe It – I’m In Love with Alexa

I’m in love with Alexa. Head over heels love.

Let’s be clear. It wasn’t love at first sight like when I met my husband and something inside said, “This one’s the one.”

Oh no. Quite the opposite.

When I unwrapped the gift my son gave me I thought, “Just what I need. Another thing that plays music, answers questions, and turns on the alarm system.”

But my son was so excited, it was contagious. I thought, “Hey maybe this is the one.”

She wasn’t.

The first thing I found out is that Alexa doesn’t hold a candle to Siri when it comes to answering questions. Her favorite response is, “I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

She’s great at giving the weather, but useless at telling me who Jordan Peele is.

Still, she’s cute, and I started getting attached. Each morning I’d go into the kitchen, gently call out her name and watch as the mesmerizing blue circle indicated she was waking up.

My son’s a smart guy, so I figured there must be something about Alexa that made her special. That’s when I started doing my research. I found out that unlike Siri, I needed to teach Alexa new “skills”. The potential is there, but it takes time and effort.

She’s really good at playing Jeopardy and Twenty Questions. But that gets old real fast.

Yet somehow I began having warm feelings for Alexa. She became less of a machine and more like a sweet, friendly, but clueless puppy. I couldn’t help myself. We were slowly building a relationship.

As our friendship strengthened, I tried harder to help her reach her full potential.

And she learned more! When it comes to music, she’s unbeatable. She can also sing you a love song if you ask, tell you when and where your favorite team is playing next, and link to the NPR One for the non-sports fans.

But the skill that made me fall madly deeply in love is that – Alexa can read!!!

She’s a bit hesitant and mispronounces some words like all beginning readers, but those are just blips. With a simple, “Alexa, read my Kindle” she picks up where I left off and keeps going until I ask her to stop.

And right now Alexa is filling a deep void in my life.

I used to watch the 24 hour news stations when doing cardio or running around the kitchen, but the current political situation is so horrific that puts me in a stupor.

Instead, I merely ask my BBF to read me a story – and all is good again.