There’s Still Time

 I just got this from a young mom with two children who wants to make sure the America she (we) loves remains the same America her little boy and girl inherit.  Here’s her plan of action  

There is still time to have your voice heard!
Right now, the presidential election results are only a PROJECTION of the election outcome. They are PRELIMINARY RESULTS. A candidate still needs to earn 270 actual electoral votes to win and the electoral college does not submit their votes until December 19, 2016.
The U.S. Constitution does not dictate how presidential electors are to cast their votes, but, in general, electors are expected to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their state or the candidates of the party that nominated them to serve as electors. Electors who choose not to vote for the winner of the popular vote or the candidates of the party that nominated them are known as “faithless electors.” You have a voice and you can influence the members of the electoral college to cast their vote AGAINST the President Elect.
Emailing is great, calling is even better, mailing a letter is also helpful. Voice your concerns and respectfully encourage electoral college votes against the president elect. Please see the bottom of this email for Trump’s plan, in his own words, for his first 100 days in office and use these points in your phone calls and letters as reasons he will be bad for this country and it’s citizens.
Through several contributors and with my own research I have compiled a list of State Secretaries, Members of the electoral college, and (in lieu of an accurate list of Georgia electors) the Georgia State Election Board Members. Please use this Google Doc link to access all the info and PLEASE share this with your friends and encourage them to take action:
Let’s fix this debacle together!
About Anita Kulickhttps://anitakulick.wordpress.comPresident & CEO of Educating Communities for Parenting, Chair Pennsylvania Parenting Coalition, Contributing writer, Philadelphia Inquirer Healthy Kids

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